MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

Microscopic analysis training courses

The website server can be used for simple, fast, cost-effective formation of electronic training or examination courses related to the process of microscopy analysis of biomaterials. To make it the service offers to place representative digital copies (virtual slides, VSs) of the natural slides with the biomaterials to its pages. Computer training and exams by VSs at closely simulate real-time microscopic analysis process in a laboratory environment. Placing VSs on pages creates additional benefits of collective  on-line learning.
Customers can arrange for students to freely access course pages or password-limited.
Each VS posted contains the customer's attributes and annotation forming the text of the textbook or exam. To view and analyze the VS, provides for students interactive navigational means of moving through the VS using map and zoom. The presence of chat allows active forms of training or discussion of the VS in real time. Written opinions generated by students can be sent to the examiner as an examination work.
Production of the VS for placement on the the customer can perform on scanning microscopes of various models, including scanners of MECOS production ( To accommodate their VSs, the customer gets the channel of export of the VSs from scanning microscope to the