MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

Telemedicine consultations

The website can be used for telemedicine consultations in case of difficulties in interpreting the results of microscopic analyses obtained in the laboratory. The possibility of remote consultations creates the application in the laboratory of a scanning microscope, producing representative digital copies of specimens - virtual slides (VSs). The service offers the means of placing the VS for consultations on its pages, in compliance with the necessary privacy measures and data protection. The consultant gets access to the relevant page with the VS of the site on the Internet, performs visual analysis of the VS, forms a conclusion and sends it to the consulted laboratory for built-in feedback.
The addresses and passwords of the relevant pages of the site the customer sends to the consultant independently or through the service
VS’s placed on the contain attributes and annotations of the customer. To view and analyze the VS, provides interactive navigational means of moving through the VS using map and zoom. Thanks to the availability of chat between the customer and the consultant, active forms of VS consultation in real time can be used. The consultant can post graphic comments to the VS on the objects analyzed, which together with the certified signature of the consultant are sent to the customer through a protected channel.
Production of the VSs for placement on the the customer can perform on scanning microscopes of various models, including scanners of MECOS production (